Americas army competitive leagues



Must be active duty or army reserve


America's Army Competitive Leagues is not just another competitive league to pass the time, but we have a serious desire to see comp revitalized in the game we all love. As many of you know, AAPG has been notorious for comp on PC in the past, and with the recent introduction of America's Army to the PS4 world where comp has been making the scene, and a rejuvenated desire from the PC gang for comp, we have decided to jump in the arena to help in building up America's Army Competitive game-play across all platforms and regions that show interest!


America's Army Proving Grounds offers a wide verity of maps that are perfect for PvP competitive play! Even if your just a casual player, or are unaware that there is life outside of North Dark Lobby, you should find some friends, or talk your clan into putting a team together, one of the best ways to get better is to play with the pro's!!


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